What’s a t-girl to do?

We are who we are. We become what we must.

I don’t remember where I borrowed that statement but it is true all the same. So in light of that statement, the Reader’s Digest version of how I came to be Rosaliy.

In my freshman high school year, one day I decided I needed to dress as a girl. I tried for a long time to figure out why but the only thing I resolved was that it felt right to be a girl.

As I grew and discovered the online community, back in the $6 / connect hour dial up days, I was on a service where a group admin challenged me to take a girl name as if that would prove something. I accepted the challenge and used a girl name, along with others, but eventually left that service.

On another service some few years later, a friend thought I could pull off a girl role. At the time, a girlfriend and I were involved in a role-play group based on Anne McCaffrey’s Dragon Riders. I actually had two characters, a male – Bronze Dragon Rider, and a female who was Headwoman of the lower caverns. Both were strong and secure and both taught me things about myself.

During those early online years, I assumed my female character as an online persona. While I loved being her, she was still, for all intents and purposes, just a character.

It wasn’t until 2005 that I took my present name and became a real girl in every day life. Somewhere along the line I had stopped identifying as male although I stayed male for work and most legal purposes. Otherwise I was Rosaliy. Now that I am retired, I live full time as Rosaliy and even have her photo on my drivers license. As Rosaliy I am a far better girl then I ever was a boy and I am happier than ever. As Rosaliy I found my balance and consider myself not cd (Cross Dresser) but rather, tg (trans gender).

I have been blessed in many respects by the acceptance of others, young and old alike. Confident in my presentation, I smile a lot and have become more outgoing that I ever was before.

So to answer the question with which I started this post: What’s a t-girl to do?, I go on. I live life, make friends and enjoy it all.

Have a great day and be proud of yourself, whoever you are.

Recycled Percussion

Last night (April 9) sis and I went to see a show at the Quad in Las Vegas. She had already seen this group perform on America’s Got Talent so, while we were enjoying visiting family on a 4-day weekend, she bought vip tickets which put us right by the stage.

During the show, one of the guys came off stage with a huge box in his hand and invited me to the center isle up some distance from the stage itself. Then he handed me a some drum sticks with the instructions to throw them to the man on stage when he asked me to.

I was thrilled to be part of the show. My first throw when low, wild and to his right. He made some show of putting a dented pan someone had on their head to protect them from my next throw. However, that one was spot on as I judged better how to get the stick to him. He caught it and perhaps I surprised him in that.

Later, he was asking where that lady was who nearly hit another one of the guests and I raised my hand. He called me back to the isle, not quite as far up as before, and came to the edge of the stage to teach me how to properly throw a drum stick. I had a lot of fun with that and my second, underhanded, toss was also on target, slightly high, but he did catch it. I executed a nice curtsy then, returned to the stage to shake hands before returning to my seat.

I was totally thrilled and literally temporarily famous as others complimented after the show on my throws.

A Beginning!

Starting something new is often difficult. Where do you start? While there are many places I could start, I will start 2005. It was then that several important changes happened to upset life as I knew it and finally get me started to where I am now.

My name is Rosaliy, a name I chose for myself. Along with that, I started a small web site on my isp to accomplish a few things. One was to help me better understand myself, and another was to help others understand me as well. I eventually outgrew my original site but by then I was able to get a new site address with plenty of room to grow. If you want to know my history, it is available on my site under the About Me heading. Since it is there already, I won’t bore readers by presenting it here in my blog.

Which brings me to this blog.

Why now? A trusted and respected relative suggested that I should have a blog because I have interests and opinions that may be of interest to others. Someone might learn something from me. Goddess knows I have learned from many others. I am still learning.

Why at all? It is simple, really. If I share myself, someone may learn something they didn’t know. I, in turn, will likely learn something I didn’t know. The discussions and comments that may follow could very well open other minds to things to which they might have remained closed.

This is a beginning, of sorts. One wonders where it will lead.

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