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General thoughts on my blog

Admittedly I have not posted here in some time. Mostly I have not been terribly busy, just trying to decide what to post.

At the moment, however, I think it best to clarify MY ideas of what this blog is about.

The purpose, as I envision it, is to exchange ideas on a variety of topics and issues. I have opinions, as do we all, and some of what I think I know may be incorrect. That is ok. I am comfortable admitting that “I do not know everything” and it is highly unlikely that I ever will.

What it is NOT intended to be is a forum for advertising anyone’s business. I have already rejected two comments, and edited a third, to avoid this. The rejected comments had nothing at all to do with the post to which they were applied and had everything to do with advertising personal business ventures. The one I edited was specifically to remove advertising for a business venture or opportunity.

I do appreciate comments on my posts. You like or don’t. What would also be good is discussion. Have you had similar experiences to something about which I wrote? Do you have questions about something I wrote?

This blog is also part of my personal web site. The site is not a business or opportunity for one. It is simply about me, primarily with interesting, and hopefully useful, related links.

In another comment in this blog, someone said they liked my web site. That comment and this post are potential gateways to discussion. Obviously other posts and their comments provide similar discussion opportunities. If you want to advertise your business or opportunity, there are plenty of places to do so. If you want to enter into meaningful discussion, you have come to the right place. Thank you.

10/31/2013 – Just an additional note on rejected posts. If it is in a foreign language I can’t read or is generally illiterate to the point of being nonsense or confused, such posts will be rejected.

Just rambling on

Well, I haven’t posted anything the last two days. There are times when you just can’t wrap your head around writing. Instead, I spent time playing various computer games and chatting with friends online. Interesting world, online. So many barriers just don’t exist there. Even with the advent of web cameras, you still get to meet people you would never have met either because they were too far away or you could not grow past your prejudices. Luckily I started out online before cams were available, much less popular. All you had to go on was what people typed at you. What mattered was making contact, learning, exchanging ideas and making friends.

You soon learned to weed out the stupid ones and prejudices fell by the way side as people met other people. Over the years I have met many of my online friends irl (in real life – for those who don’t know) and only ever had 2 bad experiences. One was my fault for being terribly stupid.

In the 40+ years I have been online, I have learned a lot and grown nearly as much. Once you open your mind, many things become possible. Try it. You might be surprised. I have been, many times.

It’s my birth month

and this year I will just a little older than I ever was before. Only two people, both women, have ever correctly guessed my age and one of those was last year 3 days before my birthday. Hopefully I don’t really look my age.

What’s the point of this? We all get older. No way around it and no sense in being upset about it. It is as natural as breathing. For my birthday, a girlfriend of mine in Tasmania sent me this lovely dress. One of the best presents I ever received and it does, if I do say so myself, look good on me.

So, since we all get old – accept it as a fact of life and continue to enjoy life. It is too short not to enjoy it and if YOU enjoy it, others will see that and enjoy too. At least we cam hope they will.

What you once had may be gone, but at least you HAD it. What you once did is done, but, for good or ill, you DID it. Count your blessings and always be thankful for what you have. Oh yes, and ALWAYS tell that special someone, family member, friend, or significant other, how much you love them. Love given grows. Love hidden dies. If you positively affect even one life, you have more wealth than any millionaire.

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