letter to trump on the us-mexico wall – sent from white house contact page 01-27-2017

Mr. Donald Trump
1600 Pensylvania Avenue
Washington, DC

re: YOUR US-Mexico wall.

Mr. Trump.

As regards that wall YOU demand on the US-Mexico Border. You claim it is necessary and I fail to see why. There are already miles of useless fencing and walls along that border. If people are not climbing over, they are tunneling under. Why? Because America is a land of opportunity as it always has been. You say the wall will cost up to $12 Billion dollars. More realistic estimates place the cost at up to $40 Billion dollars. There was a similar, and less costly, wall dividing the town of Berlin in Germany following WWII. Many people trying to escape tyranny saw that wall as a challenge to be defeated and in the end, it was defeated. You say it will create jobs. Sure, for a while. Then after the construction workers become unemployed again, you will need to spend large sums on POLICING the wall and all that in vain anyway.

What is that wall anyway? Will it secure our borders? Not in the least but it will be a challenge, just as the Berlin wall was. It will be a major symbol of tyranny, arrogance, hate and separation. In addition to the challenge of defeating that, there will be the challenge of slapping you in your isolationist hateful arrogant face.

Here is where those billions of tax dollars SHOULD go: Public education, not charter and other “FOR PROFIT” schools; Reducing or eliminating college tuition; true healthcare reform and lowering drug prices to reasonable/affordable levels; investments in clean energy; repair of our crumbling infrastructure across this country; better and proper health care for our nations veterans and their families. Some Republicans have opposed such care for them saying it is something “we can’t afford.”

In summary, sir, this wall is a waste or time, money and resources and will not enhance border security in the least amount.