NEWS FLASH !!! Please read and understand.

A while back I wrote about what I expect for my blog and, generally, what I will and will NOT post.

Here is the Reader’s Digest Condensed Version of that post. Why? cause no one read, or understood, it before.

Language: English – I don’t read or speaking any other language. Consequently if I can’t read it, i CAN NOT post it.

Advertising: I get many posts advertising everything from various types of porn, including child porn, to products and services.
posting? NO, HELL NO, AND not at all.

Content: barely literate, illiterate, entirely irrelevant. NO.

FYI: Of the last 6,000 comments posted, I have actually authorized three of them. Everything else, failing to meet the above criteria has been trashed and will continue to be trashed.

Thank you to those who actually read this, understand it, and conform to the rules of this blog.

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