I am amazed …

Perhaps I should not be but I am. I am fortunate in that I have been accepted as I am by young and old alike and by men and women who truly have open minds and care more about WHO I am than WHAT I am.

I am also saddened by the very thing that amazes me. I have been to ‘day of remembrance’ services and even read about what befell one of my sisters who I never knew and never will get to know. And for what? Just because she had to be herself and someone else did not approve.

No one has been untouched by prejudice and we all lose by that touch. Lives, loved ones, friends, total strangers whose lives were taken from them. Some do these to us, supposedly, in the name of religion. They tell us we are abhorrent to God. And they all seem to be talking about a different God. They use religion and laws to put others “in their place.”

It seems to me though, that all the religion and law excuses put aside, the real issue is insecurity. They are afraid of those who are different for whatever reason. They like that pretty girl they see until they find out she used to be a he, or worse, under their clothes still is. They are angry. Why? I can only guess why. I believe some [men] feel their manhood is threatened because they were attracted to that pretty girl. In truth it has nothing to do with them or their manhood. It has everything to do with that pretty girl.

The same thing happens when the see gay men or women together. It upsets their sense of self, I feel, that some women do not want men in their lives that way. As for the gay men, I wonder if they don’t secretly feel attracted to other men and again their security is threatened.

Whatever the reasons for it, prejudice and hate are still strong in the modern world. These feelings are just as wrong and destructive as they were back when Cain killed his brother Abel because Abel found favor with God and Cain did not.

For the sake of argument, though, lets consider only that Abel was strong and secure in himself and Cain was jealous of this. Bemoaning his own lack of success, he killed his brother for no better reason than that. And so it continues even as it began.

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